How to clean your appliances?


A Clean kitchen is the cornerstone of good health, as most of the happenings take place in the kitchen itself, such as cooking food, preparing your favourite beverages and a lot more. The ultimate motive to keep your kitchen free of grease, dust, harmful bacterias is because the most important task of cooking takes place over there, and we wouldn’t want our food to be cooked at an unhygienic place, come what may.

If you think a little more, you may realize that each and every appliance has been touched so many times leaving body soils and bacterias such as salmonella, listeria, E. coli, yeast and so many disgusting particles that may be harmful, affecting your organs and causing you digestive system issues, which is absolutely not good for you or your loved ones.

A holistic and 360-degree cleaning happens in your kitchen, only when small appliances like ovens, toasters, food processors, instant pots, juicers, coffee maker, refrigerator and other such small machines are clean.

In this article, we are going to share some very interesting hacks and ways to clean your kitchen appliances in a safe and organic way to make sure your space is spick and span, always.

  • To clean your refrigerator

The square foot around your refrigerator is unarguably the dirtiest place in your home. It is a place where dust, gunk, leftovers, and many other hosts have fallen and are living behind it.

It is important to shift the refrigerator and mop the place with Eco-friendly homecare products. You can also replace the door gaskets, check if they need a replacement or some sort of improvement for a longer life of your refrigerator.

Take a bowl of small solution mixed with some Organic detergent and water, mix it, wash your refrigerator for sparkling shine, remember to clean the stainless steel exteriors with a damp cloth and only apply water-based solutions at the outer area.

  • To clean your Dishwasher

Yes, it is true that the dishwasher cleans itself every time you use it, but every fortnight you need to check the drain of the machine, wipe the gasket around the door with Natural cleaners to make sure it is sealed tight every time you use it. It has to be deodorized once a week at least by placing a bowl of white vinegar on the top rack.

  • To clean your Microwave

Your microwave is home to forgettable and rigid baked foods. The best way to remove them is to fill a bowl of a microwave-safe container and put it inside till the water boils. To get cleaner results, you can also add a slice of lemon and turn it on for a minute while the steam and vitamin C loses all the gunk stored. Afterwards, you are supposed to wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

  • To clean Washing Machine

Your washing machine needs attention to clean almost every 10 days. All the external particles you get from outside your home gets washed, drained and somewhere stored inside your washing machine. You cannot expect clean clothes if you aren’t maintaining your washing machine in a good way. The best way to clean your washing machine is to give basic water and a Natural detergent cycle to it and then wipe it with a damp cloth. You can also use the same 50-50 solution of water and Baby detergent liquid to clean the external body of your machine.

Conclusion:- A clean kitchen indicates the cleanliness of the home, living in a hygienic environment and making use of Biodegradable cleaners, Probiotic cleaners, Non-corrosive bathroom and toilet cleaners will only help you get a safe and eco-friendly home. Super affordable and super effective home cleaning products by Greenworx allows you to clean your home in an environmentally safe, pet safe and baby-safe way to live in an abundant environment.

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