Is your cleaning product safe for your kids & pets? – Find out now!

“The world is already unsafe for kids and pets, let us try to give them a safer space at home”

It is the year 2021, where the importance of keeping our household clean is evidently visible. To use the best kind of products for our kitchen, bathroom, and living space has become the need of the hour, but amidst this chaos and the requirement of immaculate cleanliness, we are not focusing on the fact that our conventional house cleaning products are actually not very healthy. To know why and how, check any of your store-bought house cleaning products such as washing detergent, bathroom cleaner, dishwasher, floor cleaner, laundry liquid, laundry powder, or even your sanitizers. All these products come with warning signs such as “Caution, Danger, Toxic, Warning”, as the brand itself knows that these products are not very safe for the environment and especially the most vulnerable and lovable members of your family, the pets and kids.

Conventional cleaning products contain harmful chemicals such as VOC (Volatile organic compounds), ammonia, bleach, artificial fragrance, and whatnot. All these ingredients have the potential to cause severe damage to the health of your pets and kids. One of the most toxic and harmful ingredients is “Ammonia”. It is usually found in glass polishing and floor cleaners, it is dangerous once smelled. And since your beloved kids and pets carry small and vulnerable lungs, this smell can be really toxic and harmful for them. Apart from leaving a negative effect on their lungs, these products can also irritate their eyes, throat, cause them headaches’s and other severe health problems consisting of cancer as well.

In the epiphany, we have realized that it is of utmost importance to make wise decisions and choose the right home care and cleaning product to keep your pets and kids to the utmost safety.

One of the wisest decisions you can make to bring a positive change in the atmosphere, hygiene, and health of your home is switching to Greenworx and our organic, 100% safe, pet safe, baby safe, eco-friendly, and vegan home cleaning products.

We are aware that the toxicity of chemical-based products will only cause harm to our environment and loved ones at home, and we all should try to change and make our world a greener, better place.

Greenworx Cleaning Solutions is an internationally recognized brand, manufacturer, and supplier of innovative and environmentally friendly cleaning and sanitizing products. Our wide range of products such as Washing Detergent, Dishwash Solution, Laundry Liquid, Floor Cleaner will not only provide you highest quality cleanliness and best results, but it will also come with an aim to keep the environment and your family safe in affordable and pocket-friendly prices.

Apart from choosing to buy your home care and home cleaning products from Greenworx, here are a few takeaway tips you can practice at home to keep your baby and pets away from any unwanted health troubles –

  1. Keep your cleaning material always out of the reach of children and pets, keep it stored and isolated so that they’ll never be able to reach them.
  2. Child-proof latches and locks on the door of home cleaning product storage cabinets will definitely help.
  3. Storing laundry products on the high shelf will be helpful as they will stay away from the harmful chemicals and reactions of detergent.
  4. Never leave the bottle open of your cleaning supplies.
  5. After each use, put the container and bottles of your cleaning products back to their isolated area
  6. Keep the cleaning cloths, towels, and papers away from the reach of your kids

In Conclusion:-

Switch to affordable, pet and baby safe, organic, natural, and vegan home cleaning products to let them live a happy and healthy life always!

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