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Biodegradable & Cruelty Free home care products

We take pride in doing our bit to be aware and spread the awareness of using environmentally friendly, responsible, biodegradable, non-toxic, cruelty free and baby safe home care products. Our green and clean and sanitation products provide eco-friendly washing and sanitation solutions to our consumers, making them a responsible citizen of this planet.


GreenWorx Cleaning Solutions are internationally recognized manufacturers, suppliers or innovative and environmentally friendly cleaning and sanitization products. Our biodegradable cleaning technology is celebrated by many in the households, businesses and industries across the world. We use natural microbes and enzymes that provide green solutions with great cleaning results by not harming the environment and keeping your family safe.

We give our 100% to make incredibly safe and powerful cleaners while choosing an eco-friendly way to deliver the clean experience at your doorstep.

Redefining the way of conventional home cleaning.

Since the world is fighting together to make our planet a better place to live. GreenWorx is giving their best to provide innovative, effective and high-quality green products and solutions. We deliver vegan, cruelty free, non-toxic, pet safe, baby safe, eco-friendly sanitation and cleaning products in India and among a trusted network of 13 distribution partners.

We offer environmental friendly liquid detergent, laundry liquid, fabric detergent, front load washing detergent, top load detergent and many other products with a commitment of quality, green practice and sustainable cleaning at our smart facility management. Our distributors are a trusted source of approach and each distributor has the ownership of their region that ensures customer satisfaction. To know more about the regions and distributors, connect with us at: info@greenworx.in

Why Choose GreenWorx?

At GreenWorx, we are dedicated to the thought and philosophy of “Bio-Excellence” and we bring life to it with our unique and innovative solutions which promise to provide quality and performance keeping the safety standards intact. With a wide range of eco-friendly products, our team and army of employees are focused and driven with the idea of environmentally friendly products by providing biotech solutions to keep our atmosphere clean and green.


What do we do?

Our speciality is to provide eco-friendly, non-toxic, cruelty free and environmentally friendly sanitation solutions and products to use at home, that’s effective and help you control the pollution as well. We also provide you with our expert and enhanced consulting services that will help you achieve a cleaner and greener home or office space.


What Makes Us Green?

What Makes Us Green?

Our years and years of practice and dedication, to bring the required change in conventional chemical based and traditional cleaning products has kept us motivated to work towards a sustainable future. We know that chemicals have the capability to cause harm all over the planet and human beings as well, that is why the materials we use are green, contain no harmful chemicals and our surfactants are biodegradable.

We make use of nature’s bug-eating power to demolish the dirt and obliterate germs, the enzymes we use are non-toxic, non-irritating, non-gaseous, non-inflammable, non-pathogenic and non hazardous. In spite of all this, our products happen to clean better than the regular germicidal cleaners as they digest the dirt and germs removing them at once.

We care about the environment, planet and everything that consists inside. All our products are cruelty-free, have been tried and tested without harming anyone. Our proud certificate collection reflects our hard work in providing true green solutions..

GreenWorx Cleaning Solutions to manage your green cleaning procurement you automatically qualify to the same certification allowing our customers to advertise or state that their Green Cleaning Management Practices are compliant to International Standards.

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