Where from can we buy Greenworx products?

Greenworx Products are available on Greenworx Website, on Amazon and on Flipkart too.

Is Greenworx Liquid Detergent safe to use to wash heavy linens?

Yes, Greenworx Liquid Detergent can be used to wash any type of fabrics. For items that need a heavy wash, like bed linens and curtains, we recommend using an extra cup of Greenworx liquid detergent for best result.

What is the range of water temperature in which Greenworx Liquid Detergent works best?

Greenworx Liquid Detergent works equally well in both cold, lukewarm and hot water. As per the requirement of the fabric or stains, feel free to dilute Greenworx liquid detergent in cold, lukewarm and hot water to get the best result.

What makes Greenworx Liquid Detergent powerful?

Simply put, the power and goodness of Nature. To share the details, Greenworx Liquid Detergent is completely natural, contains plant-based enzymes and surfactants that is strong in doing its job of removing stains and dirt, but softer on the fabric and texture of the clothes. Thus, making it the most appropriate product for all your wardrobe cleaning needs.

I want to cancel my order

If the order is placed and it is not processed yet. You can call the customer support or email us at info@greenworx.in

Once the order is processed, it cannot be cancelled.

The order cannot be cancelled, if the order is shipped.